Compassionate Mindful Resilience (CMR) 8-Hour Course

What is the CMR Course?

Our unique 4-week CMR course is an introductory course teaching simple, effective, evidence-based practices, skills, and techniques to help manage stress, develop resilience and enhance wellbeing using mindfulness and compassion. 

Reasons to Enrol

  • 4-week course, 2 hours a week via Zoom.
  • You will gain the tools and techniques to develop better self-awareness and to offer yourself higher levels of self-compassion, which will strengthen your levels of resilience.
  • Shorter practices that fit into time poor lifestyle.
  • To care for yourself, especially for those who care for others.


Each participant willl receive a Certificate of Attendance worth 8 CPD Hours

CMR Course

In each session we will explore mindfulness and compassion through a compassionate body scan, affectionate breathing and compassionate mindful movement.   We will also explore emotional intelligence and how to build resilience through a variety of discussions and activities.